Rokk3r Portfolio companies.

Cybersecurity. Demystified.

Airbnb for warehouses.

Digital analytics platform for the physical world.

The quickest path from big data to big knowledge.

Shop from curated clothes that make you look good. 

Document custody, certification, management, and anti-fraud solution on the Blockchain.

Real Music By Real Artists. Really Fast & Ready To Go.

Live interactive TV built into your apps.

A 24/7 on-demand workforce for task completion.

Online platform for accident and critical illness insurance.

A smart wedding registry that allows you to exchange gifts for money.

Connecting Marketers & People.

SaaS for fleet management

“Gig Economy” platform for boating services + Marine services SaaS platform.

Education platform that leverages AI to support students’ education progress.

AI Driven Consulting on Recycling Technology

Returnable Plastics Ecosystem

Reusable Packaging as a Service for eCommerce

Reusable Food Delivery Packaging as a Service

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