Circular Economy.


Sustaining the Modern Lifestyle. We believe this is the best exponential platform for Rokk3r and our partner to innovate from. It addresses a problem with significant impact and is highly likely to leverage an unfair advantage of both Rokk3r and our partner.

Why Sustainability?

We are buying and making stuff at an unprecedented rate.

Global momentum for a fundamental plastics rethink is greater than ever.

Large businesses are now starting to commit to specific calls to action to curb the plastics menace.

Portfolio companies.

AI Driven Consulting on Recycling Technology

Returnable Plastics Ecosystem

Reusable Packaging as a Service for eCommerce

Reusable Food Delivery Packaging as a Service

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Talent pool which can build out truly intelligent AI systems is rarer than venture dollars. 


Logistics and transportation are entering a time of transformation both on land and at sea, driven by rapid advances in technology.


Today’s technology and connected consumer are transforming the century-old insurance business model from reactive to predictive and preventive.


Today’s consumer is changing and retailers must evolve to meet consumer expectations.