Rokk3r, Dimas Gimeno partner to shape the future of retail through technology and exponential company-building


MIAMI AND MADRID, June 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Rokk3r, a Miami-based global venture building and business transformation ecosystem, and Dimas Gimeno, chairman of Madrid-based Skintelligence Investments S.L. and former CEO of Spanish retail giant El Corte Inglés, announced today a joint venture to develop transformative technology companies that help retailers navigate the industry’s digital transformation, exceed elevated consumer expectations and protect and expand market position.

The new partnership will cover multiple business initiatives, including retail technology venture builders, opportunistic co-investments and corporate advisory services.

“We are thrilled to partner with a retail visionary like Dimas Gimeno to apply our venture builder methodology to the massive challenges facing retail today.,” said Rokk3r co-founder Germán Montoya. “Joining Dimas’ experience, energy and ideas with our global network, bold digital age strategy imperatives, and execution capabilities around exponential technologies, puts us at the vanguard of the race to create the new platforms and deep tech solutions that will transform the retail industry.”

Venture builders are the ultimate value-add startup endeavor for mitigating risk and maximizing outcomes. They provide a structured environment that shortens the gap between a promising technology and business opportunity with practical market applications. The model delivers higher equity positions for equity-partners, compared to typical venture capital deals, and leverages experts, such as Rokk3r, to mitigate risk associated with early-stage company building.

“Rokk3r’s experience and footprint in the Americas is critical to refining my ideas and building new and innovative businesses that will bring the future of retail into reality,” added Dimas Gimeno. “Equally important to me is the opportunity to leverage the ecosystems we are building in our respective continents. It means we can provide a more valuable and broader network for our retail startups as they grow their businesses.”
The partnership is raising $4m for the launch of its first retail venture builder in July 2020. It expects to generate at least four new retail tech companies by the end of 2021. Equity partners can expect to see initial returns after 3 years, as compared to traditional startup endeavors, that typically materialize only over a decade’s time.

About Rokk3r Inc.
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About Dimas Gimeno
A passionate and focused advocate of retail transformation, Dimas Gimeno is best known as the former President and CEO of Spanish giant El Corte Inglés from 2014-2018, At just 45 years of age, he is already one of the most influential people in retail. Among his many achievements, he led the digital transformation of the company, and oversaw implementation of the company’s innovative Click & Express service, an instant order service that delivers products in two hours leveraging its stores as warehouses. See Dimas Gimeno’s LinkedIn Profile.

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