From Rokk3r CEO

Nabyl Charania

Apr 1, 2019

Digital economy will represent over half of Latin America’s GDP by 2022

Part of Rokk3r’s higher aspirational purpose is to harness the global collective genius that is being empowered by increased access to the internet and exponential technologies. Latin America is one of these regions where, despite geographically specific issues, entrepreneurs, investors, and small and large companies are contributing to innovation at rates never before seen. This collaboration is bolstering economic and civil society growth. Rokk3r is playing a vital role in the region’s growth by providing the infrastructure to catalyze this innovation. Rokk3r is partnering with investors, family offices and corporations in the region to establish industry and geography-specific venture builders that produce risk-mitigated successes. We believe that the LatAm region will be a key driver of the digital economy and continued innovation, and therefore is a market that is important to us.

Here are examples of Rokk3r’s venture building impact in the region:

Scala Pro: Contractors rely on Scala Pro to keep their businesses organized 

Uniko: Online registry for life’s most important occasions 

Cytrust: Comprehensive cyber risk management

Pallco: Matching empty warehouse space with tenants 

El Rosado – Innovation Lab for the retail industry