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The era of STOs has begun in Latin America

The era of STOs has begun in Latin America, and Rokk3r is excited to be helping to shape this movement. Thank you to Forbes México for including us in your reporting of this important development.

Why investors are buying into Rokk3r’s vision of the future – South Florida Business Journal

Those who have built their companies within Rokk3r praise the organization’s vast connections in helping their companies scale. And investors are willing to wait for the profits from these “double-bottom-line” ventures – ones that not only make them money, but also help solve global problems through technology.

ROKK3R Inc. Launches Advisory Committee

Inaugural members of the Rokk3r Inc. advisory committee include former Sunglass Hut co-owner/CEO Dean Ziff and real estate titan Steve Rhodes.

Wynwood cameras may test the moods of pedestrians

Wynwood district to start using AdMobilize’s technology to gain real-time insights on its 50 blocks. Rokk3r Fuel ExO General Partner Jeff Ransdell and AdMobilize CEO Rodolfo Saccoman explain the possibilities of integrating their technology.

HYP3R Raises $17 Million in a Series A Funding Round

HYP3R announces its Series A financing of $17 million with participation from Rokk3r’s ecosystem partner, Rokk3r Fuel.

Is Bogota banking big on blockchain?

Chief Strategy Officer German Montoya says blockchain and the use of smart contracts might just undercut the foundations of corruption.

Blockchain in India: ‘Successful implementations will proliferate country’s prominence as a blockchain destination’

When we look at any sector in India, as with anywhere in the world, we must not look to blockchain technologies as a ‘magical cure’ or as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to an industry’s woes. It can however be utilised in a meaningful way to correct issues that have plagued sectors for decades and also move industries forward into new realms.

Blockchain Innovation Can Empower Vibrant Civil Societies Across Africa

Education, health, and media are just some of the components being lifted by blockchain technologies to empower civil society as a whole. Rokk3r CEO, Nabyl Charania sounded off on the impact blockchain technology could have on Africa.