Logistics Venture Builder.

Logistics and transportation are entering a time of transformation both on land and at sea, driven by rapid advances in technology.

Why logistics?

The whole logistics business is still living in the past, both technology- and mindset-wise. Meanwhile, customer expectations are rapidly growing, shaped by flawless B2C digital user experiences.


Logistics and transportation are entering a time of transformation both on land and at sea, driven by rapid advances in cloud platforms, big data, AI, automation, robotics and autonomous vehicles, and by evolving market dynamics (overcapacity, carrier concentration, reduced prices).


Incumbents have the opportunity to replace their manual processes with more efficient digital ones and exit the industry’s low-margin trap. Digitization can help selling to the lucrative SME market easier.

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Portfolio companies.


Cargologik empowers freight forwarders to provide an all-in-one digital experience for shippers to automate and optimize their logistics business.



Unlock warehouse capacity and provide an end-to-end quality service through a one-stop-shop warehousing as a service marketplace (SaaS). Pallco connects organizations in need of warehouse space with organizations that have excess capacity while managing the entire customer experience by facilitating the delivery of goods and transactions.



FleetFlex gives fleet managers complete control and visibility over their route optimization and delivery operations through an all-in-one web platform and accompanying mobile application for their fleet


Other companies in logistics industry we have helped launch and scale.


A marketplace to connect growers and buyers, leveraging on existing logistics solutions and communities


A digital ecosystem that revolutionizes the trucking industry. Targeting the problem of shortage of truck drivers and the opportunity of a more efficient use of load volume of trucks on the road

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