Large Businesses Don’t Have to be Lousy Innovators

From Rokk3r CEO

Nabyl Charania

Apr 30, 2019

Large businesses don’t have to be lousy innovators

I often convey the importance of “innovating at the edge” in my conversations with leaders from large organizations. At Rokk3r, it’s how we help these types of organizations overcome resistance to innovation that is built into their DNA. Without disrupting core business operations, we are able to work at the edge of large organizations, in collaboration with internal change makers, to ensure these entities thrive in a world overtaken by exponential technologies.

Reach out if you’re interested in seeing how Rokk3r has helped companies in Latin America innovate on the edge by creating Innovation Labs as a Service (LaaS), spinning out ventures with exponential technologies at the core, identifying and acquiring ventures that help the organization remain competitive, and more.