A Global Idea-to-Exit Ecosystem

De-risking and democratizing company building through a blockchain based platform that leverages a hybrid of human and machine intelligence. Rokk3r is unleashing the next generation of global entrepreneurship by providing access to education, idea validation, team creation and experts to crowdbuild successful ventures.

The Rokk3r Ecosystem is a hybrid network of human, and machine intelligence systems that enable frictionless, accelerated and comprehensive company building. Rokk3r takes into consideration modern economic theories (abundance), exponential organizations (ExOs) factors, exponential technologies like machine learning, AI and the blockchain, increased global connectivity, and rise of a collective global genius to optimize rates of success in company building.

The future of innovation is here

Rokk3r Hubs

Physical locations in emerging and established economies that enable entrepreneurs, investors and talent to participate in global venture building. High-touch education and consulting will also be hallmark services available through Rokk3r Hubs. Rokk3r Ecosystem partners use this network of hubs to increase agency and global reach to further maximize success.

Rokk3r Crowdbuild Platform

A comprehensive digital platform for entrepreneurs around the world to easily plug-in to education, idea validation, funding, talent, and advisors to build successful exponential companies.

Operating System (RCOS)

The Rokk3r Crowdbuild Operating System (RCOS) is Rokk3r’s company building operating system that manages the overall platform and its complementary processes. As a hybrid human and machine intelligence system built on the blockchain, RCOS leverages an interconnected layer of exponential technologies such as machine learning and algorithms to increase overall company building effectiveness and success.

Rokk3r Blockchain

Industry leading R&D, and execution capabilities, including mining, distributed ledger architecture & infrastructure, corresponding token design and launch.

Ecosystem Partners

Rokk3r has both developed and attracted organizations that unite around the larger exponential company building aspiration.

Rokk3r 10xU provides exponential company building education and consulting services to select partners, corporations and entrepreneurs.

Rokk3r Labs manages a portfolio of exponential ventures providing guidance and support towards a public company acquisition via Rokk3r.

Rokk3r Fuel ExO is a global fund that leverages the Rokk3r Crowdbuild Operating System (RCOS) to accesses validated companies creating value at the intersection of exponential technologies.

Rokk3r Digital Asset & Crypto Hedge Fund, Crypto Rokk (Rokk3r’s own token on the blockchain), and coins derived from Crypto Rokk for startups within the Rokk3r platform combine within this Exchange/Trading framework to serve as a “Secondary” liquid market for all ventures within the Rokk3r ecosystem.

Extended Ecosystem

Rokk3r’s growing extended ecosystem includes education, corporate and funding partners that enhance exponential company building through expertise, advisory and capital support. The Rokk3r Crowdbuild Operating System (RCOS) provides smart and scalable platform management of these efforts at a global level.

Extended Ecosystem Highlights:

  • Company builder partnership with ExO Foundation & ExO Works
  • Company builder partnership with Fastrack Institute
  • Investor partnership with hatcher.io