Rokk3r provides a suite of services that is a hybrid network of human and machine intelligence systems, seeking to enable early stage startup technology companies and existing businesses to develop new products and businesses in a frictionless, accelerated and comprehensive way. Rokk3r services are designed to leverage exponential technologies to rapidly accelerate and shape industries. These exponential technologies include artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality (AR, VR), blockchain (decentralized ledger technologies), data science, digital biology and biotech, machine learning, nanotech, robotics and sensors. By taking into account modern economic theories (abundance), exponential organizations (ExOs) factors, exponential technologies, increased global connectivity, and the rise of a collective global genius, Rokk3r seeks to optimize rates of success in company building and product development by offering a broader range of essential services in one place. Rokk3r provide these services with the purpose of allowing our clients to focus on the creative aspects of building a business or creating new products and relieve clients from the burden of developing an operational and development infrastructure.

The Rokk3r ecosystem approach aims to reduce friction and streamline execution by leveraging talent, shared services, experience, and networks. From business diagnosis to strategy design, execution and funding, Rokk3r helps organizations and ventures augment and transform exponentially. Through Rokk3r’s methodology and ecosystem, Rokk3r seeks to make new business opportunities become highly investable assets for venture fund and other investment funds.

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