Artificial Intelligence Venture Builder & GraphPath

From Rokk3r CEO

Nabyl Charania

May 30, 2019

This past week, the Artificial Intelligence Venture Builder was announced. Artificial Intelligence (AI) visualization company GraphPath, with its “knowledge-graph-as-a-service” platform, is this venture builder’s first company. Below, I’m sharing key stories and insight around AI to further build on this critical theme.


Future Of Retail: Implementing Artificial Intelligence In 2019

In its survey of 400 global retail executives, Capgemini found that AI could save as much as $340B annually by 2022. You’ll benefit from knowing, for example, that the outputs of AI in retail include smart shopping carts to avoid busy checkout lines, testing different makeup and cosmetic looks from the comfort of your home, last-mile robotic deliveries, and much more.



Google’s lung cancer detection AI outperforms 6 human radiologists

Like many industries undergoing change as a result of AI, health is bringing together practitioners with policymakers to determine healthcare delivery in the digital age. Applications of AI in health include digital assistants as medical companions, automated image diagnosis, reduction in errors related to dosages, etc. An estimated $150B in annual savings have been predicted by 2026 as a result of AI applications.



AI, Automation, And Robotics . . . Oh My!

From educating their organizations, to critical investments – my advice to executives continues to revolve around avoiding complacency in the digital age. Whether it’s deeper infrastructure robotics or front-line, customer-facing automation, capitalizing on these technologies to complement human capital is a must.